hrsa5591 (hrsa5591) wrote,

i really love the restore from saved draft function

do we only get one great heartbreak

that's what it said. i know what i was thinking and what i was planning on writing but i closed the laptop, probably smoked a cigarette, and took a walk around the neighborhood. That's what I do when i think there's far too much experience to condense into mere words and sentences. But somehow a cigarette and a barefoot walk at midnight say it all.
Though I still wonder if there's only one.

a little update for you:
I'm eating popcorn that might be 28 years old
I sliced my finger on a ceiling fan
i got my mac back today. its no longer broken and crappy
im living in austin now
uhmmm i got on livejournal to respond to one of aaran's posts and have long since forgotten what i was going to say

the end
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