hrsa5591 (hrsa5591) wrote,

"it's magic" she says to me

But the nights brought sparks
And the sparks brought flames
And you had to be sure
This wasn't one of those game
But I'm going to show you
If you could just give me tonight, tonight

Today is  a good day
There is simply nothing to do at the capitol except maybe answer phones while Real Girl is in a meeting with Dan and Jenni. Real Girl does have a name, but i like to call her Real Girl since that's what she is. She does the real work around here--planning Dan's trips etc. 
I, on the hand, answer the phone, put the dude on hold, yell to Jenni from across the room, "Jason Something from Celeste Somewhere," and go about my merry facebooking. Sometimes, if it's a busy day, I copy a press release and paste it into our letterhead. This makes me press secretary. 

oh what a rewarding summer.

though it has been wonderfully fruitful

Mae is magic again
the night sky can  play its symphony to me alone, and I'm  free to fall in love with Love himself
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