hrsa5591 (hrsa5591) wrote,

i'm cold and i have papers to do

currently i'm sitting outside Heavenly Grounds freezing my butt off and wishing I hadn't smoked that cigarette since I was convinced I was quitting yesterday. What's one more right? I'll quit when i get home and don't have friends to bum from.
It's may: it should be warmer than 40 degrees. And I should be writing my paper on the speech of lovers and how it's exemplified in Madame Bovary. But I don't wanna . . .
Where's Danielle? Her car is where I want my butt to be so I can concentrate on writing and not freezing.

in other news: my parents are moving to Austin. Right across the street from St. Eds. How's that for ironic? I guess I was pretty much done with Flower Mound anyway, but this summer will be strange moving from place to place.

The house we're buying has a pink kitchen. What the heck.
I swear if it wasn't for Aaran I'd just stay in Steubenville all summer. Lord knows I could use more of this place.
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